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Welcome to Forensic Microscopes! We provide a variety of high power compound forensic comparison microscopes, low power stereoscopic forensic comparison microscopes, and metallurgical metallographic epiillumination forensic comparison microscopes. We also provide microscopy accessories such as attachments for 35mm film microscope photography and digital camera microscope attachments.

Forensic science is an exciting field using forensic comparison microscope equipment for applications such as CSI (crime scene investigation), ballistics, forensic document
examination, fire investigation, auto theft investigation, arson investigation and forensic entomology (for decomposing bodies).

Forensic study is common in Law enforcement (FBI) and police criminal investigation laboratories, private investigation, and in schools, colleges and universities for those studying for a career and degree in forensic science.

Forensic investigations in a crime laboratory often require comparison and analytical analysis of bullets and bullet casings, firing pins, hair fibers, carpet and textile fibers, paint chips, scratches on metal surfaces, and writing specimens, wires (comparison of types, diameters and twist angles), colors, metallurgical grain structures, soil
samples, botanical parts, fingerprints, and other trace evidence.

Call us today to discuss your forensic laboratory equipment needs. Our trained microscope technicians will be happy to assist you.

4x - 115x Forensic Comparison Investigation Microscope
  4x-115x Comparison Microscope
Forensic Investigation
Bullet - Evidence Comparison
Digital 3MP USB Cameraled + 150w Fiber Optic Lights
  Motorized Forensic Bullet Comparison
Microscope With Flattened Image
Comparison Of Bullets
40x - 600x Forensic Comparison Investigation Microscope. Three Illumination Methods Transmitted - Incident - Epiillumination Metallurgical Capability
  40x - 1000x Forensic Comparison High Power Compound Csi Investigation Microscope
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