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Model: fm145
Price: $ 17,000.00

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 Product Overview
  • Professional forensic crime laboratory bullet comparison microscope.
  • Comparison bridge allows imaging from two independent stages with different specimens. Image is split from each side, allowing side by side comparing. Divider line is movable, allowing more or less imaging of either side in field of view.
  • Low power magnification for examining and comparing bullets, shell cartridge casings, firing pins, tool marks, fingerprints, hair specimens, fabric and carpet fibers, electrical wires, fragments of paint, and other forensic evidence.

Motorized Bullet Holder with Crime Lab Software
  • Computerized imaging system with bullet comparison crime lab software. Included microscope software (data acquisition and imaging).
  • Motorized bullet holder (3-speed) rotates bullet 360 degrees as CCD camera scans bulletOs surface and outputs image via USB to computer using analog to digital converter box. Bullet is rotated the distance of one image pixel at a time with the camera capturing the image.
  • Software allows final scanned image of entire bullet surface (from each tiny increment of rotation) to be pieced together and laid out for a flat image view for simple matching up and comparing with other bullets.

Centralized Control: 
  • Control box panel with centralized control of microscope components. Controls fiber optic light on/off and illumination intensity, controls LED multiband cold light on/off and selection of four colors, controls on/off of LED ring lights, controls 3-speed motorized bullet holder, controls up/down movement of motorized stage focusing.

Illumination Systems 
  • High intensity 150W fiber optic cold illumination system with rigid fiber optic cables. Includes focused collector lens on tips for quick adjustment of light spot.
  • Infrared (I call it ultraviolet below and others call it uv but looks reddish, which is correct?) and polarizing filters for fiber optic cable tips.
  • LED ring lights, three different sets: ultraviolet, infrared, and white light.
  • LED Multiband cold light source with blue, green, red, and white colors. Colors are pushbutton selected on control panel.
  • 5W LED Cold light illuminator with manually inserted red and green color filters.

Special Features 
  • Zoom magnification gives excellent range of imaging allowing specimens to be displayed at optimal image size. The zooming capability is a major improvement over other comparable models.
  • Motorized Focusing of stage: Z-direction focusing of microscope (stage elevation). Has buttons on control panel that raise/lower the specimen bar.
  • Polarizing (analyzing) lens set for bottom of objective lens. In a cross polarization optical system, two polarized lens are in the light path and can be rotated from parallel to complete cross polarization conditions. Surface features on shiny flat/polished surfaces are often shown with much greater contrast when viewed under cross polarized light conditions. Use in conjunction with the polarizing lens that fit on the ends of the fiber optic cables.
  • Two trinocular photography/video ports. Includes standard SLR camera adapter and two c-mount adapters (1x and 0.5x, both with reduction lens) for CCD cameras. One port allows simultaneous video imaging on monitor while viewing through microscope eyepeces. Other port is dedicated for still image photography.
  • Adjustable Arm for holding laptop. Laptop computer not included.
  • Designed with maintenance in mind. The sensitive electronics are housed in a separate lightweight box that can easily be shipped in case of need for repair.
  • Special made transport carrying case with protecting foam inside.
  • This also has capability of forensic document examination by using the various lighting.

General Specifications 
  • Zoom objective 0.7x-4.9x (zoom ratio 1:7). Magnification is 7x - 49x (with 10x eyepieces) and 14 ? 98x (with 20x eyepieces
  • Larger 30mm diameter oculars and high eye point WF10x/22mm. Includes 20x eyepiece set.
  • Includes auxiliary objective lens: 0.3x and 2x. These bottom lenses screw underneath the main objective lenses and alter the magnification of the resultant viewed image. It also affects working distance. The lowest power magnification is with the 0.3x lens on, giving 2x power and the highest is with the 2x lens on, giving up to 196x. The maximum allowable range is 2x to 196x.
  • Manual X-Y stage movement.
  • In addition to the motorized bullet holder, the unit ships with two large manually turned bullet holders. These holders can mount on two types of stage top pieces. One has a large height and tiltable angle and is for general bullet comparison where bullet is horizontal. The other has short height and is non-tiltable for comparison of firing pin markings on long rifle cartridges standing on end.
  • Stage has opening for bottom illumination (white light, infrared, or polarizing light) with capability for comparing specimens other than bullets where transmitted light is optimal. Install frosted glass plates instead of stage top pieces to use the transmitted light feature.
  • Coaxial light lens set with ability to introduce white light, infrared, or polarizing light. This allows coxial incident light from above to be parallel to the optical path and directly illuminate the specimen. These coaxial lights lenses can be screwed on or remain off.
  • Includes instructions and extra bulbs.

Parts and Accessories List 
  • Comparison bridge with split image control knob.
  • Microscope head.
  • Microscope main body and frame.
  • External control box with pushbutton controls and reaostats for light intensity.
  • Adjustable arm for laptop computer. Laptop not included.
  • Crime Image microscope software package including CD rom and hardware lock.
  • Carrying and storage case.

  • External 150W cold light source with hard fiber optic cable.
  • 5W LED Cold light illuminator.
  • LED Multiband cold light source with 4 wave band color selections.
  • LED ring light pairs: ultraviolet, infrared, and white light.

Auxiliary Lenses and Filters 
  • WF10x and 20x eyepiece sets.
  • Auxiliary objective lens: 0.3x and 2x.
  • Coaxial light lenses.
  • Red and green filters for 5W cold light source.
  • Polarizing lenses for fiber optic cable tips.
  • Lenses for fiber optic cable tips.
  • Polarizing (analyzing) lenses for bottom of objective lenses.

Microscope Stage and Bullet Holders 
  • Manually turned bullet holder pair.
  • Motorized bullet holder.
  • Stage top piece pair, taller and with tiltable angle.
  • Stage top piece pair, shorter and non-tiltable angle.
  • X-Y manual stage movement knobs.
  • Manual focusing and raise/lower of specimen bar. In addition, the microscope has motorized focusing.

Photography and Video 
  • Port for still image camera.
  • Port for live motion video. Image seen simultaneously with the eyepieces.
  • Light diversion knob to divert all light to back camera port for taking still photographic image.
  • 1x C-mount CCD camera adapter with reduction lens.
  • 0.5x C-mount CCD camera adapter with reduction lens.
  • SLR camera adapter. For digital or film SLR cameras. Comes with PK Pentax mount T-adapter.
  • External video capture device (NTSC or PAL format input) converts analog signal from CCD camera to digital for USB input to laptop computer. Used with crime image software in conjunction with motorized bullet holder.

Motorized Bullet Holder - Scanning of Bullet Surface for Flat View Comparison 
  • Advanced Image Scanning Technology: Image scanning of bullet surface unfolds the bullet surface into a flat view. To understand, imagine this...take a bullet...take a single strand of hair...lay the hair lengthwise on the bullet...now, move the hair over (rotating the hair around the bullet) the width of the hair...and again and again....each placement of the hair is a scanned photo line....each photo being one hair width and the length of the bullet that is in the image...(in actuality, the width is a single pixel, definitely smaller than a hair). Do that for the full 360 degree rotation...now, all these pixels are laid flat, so what was cylindrical (and unable to visualize all but the front surface), now is represented as flat with the entire surface easily viewed at once...Imagine a paper rolled into a cylindrical shape, then unrolled so all is seen. This creates a flat view of the entire bullet surface, making it simple to compare with other bullets.
Motorized forensic bullet comparison.

Includes carrying and storage case.
Photographs taken using the microscope.
USB computer connected camera. Computer/Laptop not included.
Shape of microscope camera may vary from what is shown.
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