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Forensic Investigation Microscope
Bullet Comparison
10x 115x Magnification
3MP USB Camera

Model: fm0154000m
Price: $ 4,495.98
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: CALL

 Product Overview
  • High-end forensic microscope for use in comparing fired bullets.
  • Low power magnification range for sharp and clear images with good optical depth of field.
  • Great for forensic science lab analyzing fired bullets, cartridge casings, paint fragments, hair specimens, rope, wire, fibers, textile samples, tool mark scratches, etc.
  • Comparison bridge with dividing line. Ability to view 100 percent of left specimen only, 100 percent of right specimen only, split view of left and right specimens in any percentage of split, and overlap of both specimens in any percentage overlap.
  • Polarizer and analyzer with cross polarization capability to enhance the viewing contrast of scratches and markings, especially on shiny surfaces.
Video and Photography
  • Includes 3MP digital USB Camera.
  • Photos also show a Canon DSLR digital camera mounted to the photography port. However, that camera is not included.
  • Microscope comes standard with two ports, one for digital or film SLR still photography and one for live video such as a ccd video camera or USB microscope camera.
  • Includes DSLR Camera ADAPTER (DSLR camera NOT included) with built-in 3x photo lens.  This includes a T-adapter.  Each type of camera requires a different T-Adapter to fit.
  • Includes 1x ccd camera adapter (c-mount).
  • Laptop computer is NOT included..
Optical Magnification:
  • Two eyepieces sets included:  WF 10x (wide 22mm field of view!) and WF 20x (12mm).
  • Optical magnification range with 10x eyepiece set: 9.6x-58x.
  • Optical magnification range with 20x eyepiece set: 19x-115x.
  • Objective Selector: 0.8X, 1X, 2X, 3X, 4.8X.
  • Bridge magnification factor 1.2x.
  • Auxillary Objectives: 0.4x lens (set of two). When installed, these reduce the viewing magnification and increases working distance.
  • Working Distance: 102mm.
  • Optical field of view (FOV) of object ranges from 2.3mm to 62.5mm.
  • Two independent illumination sources:
  • Light Source A: Quantity two, fan cooled 12V/50W halogen lights.
  • Light Source A: Quantity two, LED 5W lights.
  • Coaxial Illumination Adapter (set of two): This screws to any of the individual microscope objectives.The light source is pointed into the coaxial adpter which then mirrors the light directly down and on the specimen.This is good for viewing inside a hole where light coming from the sides is not favorable.
  • Polarizing Lens Kit (set of two): This includes both polarizer and analyzer.The polarizing filter drops into the slot on the light source.The analyzer (second polarized filter) is screwed onto the microscope objective.
Microscope Head 
  • 30 Degree inclined head with photography and video ports.
  • 55-75mm interpupillary distance adjustment and diopter adjustment.
Stage Details: 
  • Stage size: 100x100mm.
  • Range of stage movement: 54mm (X),  54mm (Y),  54mm (Z).
  • Bullet and specimen holder mounted to stage.
  • Stage: Horizontal rotation range: 0-360 deg.
  • Stage: Inclined rotation range: 0-60 deg.
  • Focusing travel range of stage: 54mm.
Included Items: 
  • Microscope comes with an included nylon carrying case with precut interior foam padding.
  • Three Colored filters: Red, Green, Violet (set of two).
  • Round Glass Stage Micrometer Reticle for Magnification Equalizing (set of two). Use in conjunction with the magnification adjustment knob.
  • Bullet Holder Kit (set of two).
  • Spare bulbs.
Other Details 
  • Manufactured under ISO: 9001 Standards.
  • All equipment is brand new, not used.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: Microscope is under warranty for 5 years.
Forensic microscopy system for comparing two images simultaneously.

Includes transporting - carrying case.
Well padded foam interior for protection.
Photographs taken using different digital camera held to eyepiece of this microscope.
USB computer connected camera included. Computer/Laptop not included.
Shape of microscope camera may vary from what is shown.
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