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Leica DMC
Motorized Focusing on Frame
Continuous Magnification
6.3x to 32x Zoom Optics
Forensic Bullet Comparison
Macroscope Microscope

Item Code: SKU-064
Model: Leica DMC
Price: USD $15,000.00
Shipping: Free Worldwide Shipping


    Perfect Choice for Your Crime Lab:

  • Up for sale is an extremely hard to find, and equally highly sought after, motorized Leica DMC forensic comparison microscope. This instrument is primarily used for bullet comparison. The original price for this German engineered and built work of art was around USD $65,000.
  • We have done an extensive internet search and this is the only available unit we have seen. It appears that forensic crime labs are not parting with these very often. This one came out of a government crime lab that must have had a cool USD $100K sitting around to purchase a new one.
  • The Leica DMC comparison microscope is an excellent tool in a forensic crime laboratory for examination of fired bullets and other forensic evidence. It allows differences and similarities in the examined specimens to be seen. The most common specimens imaged and compared are bullets and cartridges. The crime lab technician has the ability to view image comparisons in both split-image and superimposed mode.
  • Court Accepted Forensic Equipment:

  • Do not give your opponent the benefit of "questioning" the quality and reliability of your equipment in front of a Jury in a court of law.
  • Leica has the best reputation for forensic microscopes for bullet comparison. The quality of this top name will never be questioned. With cheap Chinese made units, you may have a hard time proving the "quality" when it is demanded of you. And certainly, your images you get from the equipment will be significantly lower contrast and lower image definition than the Leica produces. Consequently, the Chinese models may not be sufficient for usage in court cases. They are fine for high school and university level forensic sciences classes in criminology. But when quality matters, and the lawyers and courts demand it, Leica is the name you will want standing behind your work.
 Main Features

    Trinocular Viewing Head:

  • All light to eyepieces, or split light to eyepieces and camera ports.
  • Two camera and video ports.
  • This will allow photographic equipment to be connected to yield digital still and video documentation.
  • Eyepieces:

  • Eyepiece pair: L Plan 10x/20. Diopters on each eyepiece. This gives a 20mm field of view and 10x magnification. They are high eyepoint so someone with eyeglasses can still wear their eyeglasses if desired. Each eyepiece comes with an adjustable diopter. The head has a gull-wing (Siedentopf) binocular for interpupillary distance adjustment.
  • Includes eyeguards for blocking out extraneous light.
  • This frame can be switched between 120V and 240V, 50/60 Hz.
  • All required power cords.
  • Includes carrying handles on each side of the frame.
  • Includes a 3MP USB digital camera, software, free software upgrades, and camera c-mount adapter. Does not include laptop. The included camera is different from what is shown in the images.
 Motorized Focusing System:
  • This equipment has motorized focusing. Pressing the button up will raise the comparison bridge.
  • Pressing it down will lower it. This effectively and precisely focuses the specimen with just a touch of a button.
  • The main frame, with motorized focusing, is voltage selectable. It can be set for 115V or 230V.
 Illumination System:
  • The rear of the frame has electrical connections for 6V-20W illuminators. These are currently not used. In their place is a fiber optic light system, one for each side of the comparison bridge. Leica KL1500 fiber optic units sit on both sides of the main frame. They provide continuous variable intensity illumination. The fiber optic light guides allow the light to be located exactly where it is needed. The tips of the fiber cables have lenses so the light is properly cast on the bullet or cartridge specimen. The fiber optic lights are 110V only. Upon request, we can switch this to another type of fiber optic system that is 220V capable. Or, the original Leica fiber optic illuminators can be used with a transformer (not included).
 Bullet Holder System:
  • Each side of the comparison microscope has a bullet holder system. Various sizes of fired bullets and cartridges may be examined. There is an X -Y stage movement knob for precisely locating the specimen in the field of view.
  • Includes an original assortment of shell cartridge holders and bullet holders.
  • Includes a second set of bullet and cartridge holders. These are not shown mounted on the unit, but are shown sitting to the sides of the unit.
 Zoom Optics:
  • This is a continuous magnification, meaning, you can rotate the zoom knob and it continuously increases or decreases the magnification. The magnification range is 6.3x and 32x.
  • However, in order to keep it easy to operate, certain magnification settings have a click-stop. This also makes it easy to turn to the same magnification on both sides.
  • They powers have specific markings at 6.3x, 7x, 8x, 10x, 12.5x, 16x, 20x, 25x, and 32x. The following magnifications have a click-stop at their markings, where the objectives click into place for easy setting the magnification on both sides: 8x, 12.5x, and 20x. The movement of the zoom objectives is very smooth. The overall condition of the objectives is excellent. They are super clean.
  • Excellent Quality as expected from a name like Leica.
  • This microscope is in great condition.
  • This is an industry-standard optical instrument, currently being used the world over in top government crime labs. Leica is the top brand in this area.
  • This is a high quality Zeiss (Made in Germany) optical instrument.
 Testing Results:

    This microscope was fully tested. Results are as follows:

  • All functions were found to be in proper working order.
  • Excellent bright and clear images were obtained from both sides.
  • Fine detail was visualized.
  • Proper overlapping and visual imaging of 100 percent left and 100 percent right were done.
  • One thing to note is the divider line is very slightly off. It is not perfectly straight. We will try to fix this, but can't guarantee it.
 Good Economic Value:
  • This equipment is priced to sell.
  • A new piece of equipment from Leica, with Zoom optics, is going to be much more expensive.
  • When comparing other prices, be sure to see if they are simply dumping an item they got really cheaply, or if they are fully testing and refurbishing it. Check if it is complete. Even small parts can be very costly to acquire, and they are often not available.
  • Most sellers simply obtain the equipment then turn around and offer it for sale, doing nothing more than dusting it off and taking some photos. They have no idea if the internal parts are working properly. They can press some buttons and watch the movement of some parts, and say it works fine. Does it really get good imaging? You are paying us for the hardware, refurbishing, repairing as needed, adding missing components, testing, configuring, technical support to see the equipment meets your needs, warranty, and guarantee. If you simply want a unit, straight from a lab's salvage dock, then the price can be much lower.
  • In addition, we are including a money back guarantee, and free shipping that are value added additions not given by most resellers and should be added to the value.
 References for the Leica DMC Comparison Microscope:
 User Manual and Instructions:
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